Cell Industries

Using latest web technologies to dynamically generate 3D topographical representations of real-world areas


Design Lead

Front-End Developer



Work in progress…


Cell Industries was created as my Final Year Project in my final year of university with James Lee and Joseph Williams. I was the lead designer and a front-end developer. The idea was to unite modern web technologies in one website and use 3D and modern design techniques to enhance the visuals of the website and to experiment with new ways of interacting with the web. We used the facade of Cell Industries to allow us to use all these technologies and techniques for a single purpose.

The key feature was the ‘cloning process’. By combining Google Elevation API, Google Static Maps API and ThreeJS, we automatically generate and display 3D topographical representations of real-world areas using only code.


The poster and brochure design for Cell Industries’ Project Titan. These were made to accompany the website and be used to advertise it around my universitie’s campus. We went for an illustrative and almost vintage style for the poster, creating all the assets from scratch.


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