I'm Jacob — A Lead Product Designer working in London, UK. I focus on native mobile and responsive web experiences.

I'm currently looking for new opportunities whilst travelling around Australia, NZ and Asia.

About me

I believe in solving real life problems for real people.

I am a creative, fast thinking and passionate individual who loves designing human centred services, products and experiences. My skills span service design, user research and testing, interaction design, visual design, design systems, proposition development and design leadership.

With experience in both agency and FinTech startups as well as large media, telecoms and financial services companies, I apply my skills and experience to solving problems for people and businesses.

My experience and understanding of development makes it natural for me to communicate and work closely with engineers and product teams and I’m most comfortable working with cross-functional agile teams.

Some of the fantastic people i've worked with

Jacob is, without doubt, one of the most talented people I have worked with. He has a rare ability to take a complex problem and turn it into a (seemingly) simple solution. From UX and creative design to commercial plans and agile delivery, he has an exceptional understanding of how to make innovations work. A great product designer.

Stuart Booth, Digital and Innovation Director

Working with Jacob has been gratifying and a pleasure. He has been highly dependable, eager to progress fast and proactive to join the dots across design, product and tech. He was instrumental in building design systems and integration processes, as well as for a series of UI technology reviews and decisions. Great to have Jacob on the team!

Umberto Abate, Experience Design Director at Autodesk

Whist his portfolio will vouch for his design skills, I want to call out Jacob’s knowledge and appreciation for all the other specialisms involved in creating software. During my time at Just, Jacob was someone who I could rely on to Champion Agility and was instrumental in the set-up of new Scrum teams. If I had to set-up a dream team, Jacob would be on it!

Pritesh Patel, Senior Agile Coach & Scrum Master